Why this blog?

I want to inspire you to pursue your continuous improvement journey.

Lean thinking and adding value to people’s life should be practical and accessible to all.

Who are you?

My name is Luc Man. I am a Chinese native-born in France.

I studied in France and I have been working in China over the last decade.

My knowledge comes from experience and books, and I apply this knowledge to my daily life.

I want to have a positive influence on people’s life.

Why should I care?

You are looking for ideas to improve.

You also want to build a community where people share our values: continuous improvement, respect for people, intelligence, and scientific thinking.

What is in this blog?

You will find content on lean culture and book summaries on self-development, business,  and psychology.

What makes your blog different?

Continuous improvement, respect for people, and scientific thinking are my principles.

I write content with this framework in my heart.

I want to guide people who never worked in a factory and who have no experience in industrial engineering to understand and apply the lean concepts in the company they work for and in their life.

Do you have a podcast?

Not yet, but I am interested in interviewing people and asking how they implement continuous improvement in their life and work environment.

How do you make money?

You can support my work at Buy Me a Coffee by clicking on the coffee widget.  🙂